Thursday, November 3, 2011

We're still here.... just LAZY

Well, we are still here, even if we haven't posted anything in what feels like forever!  Life just somehow gets away from me and time is so precious.

Since our last post I ran my marathon. It was a pretty good race. I trained and ran with a good friend who I finally convinced to leave me at mile 20 (I tried to get him to scram and make his goal time at mile 15, but he stayed around).  I missed my ideal goal by 12  minutes, but still had a personal best by 5 minutes. Oh yeah... and we found out I was expecting a new addition to the family 2 weeks before the race.... I promised the hubby that I would take it easy and not push myself. And as the expected temperatures started creeping up for race day, I let my goal time slide because I definitely did not want to get over heated. So all in all, I think that it was a pretty good race!

The fools before the race - from left to right- Marvin, me, Gaby and Simon.

Well, we are still standing after!

So now I figure out what race I want to do in 2013 and start sweet talking the hubby into letting me go and leaving him at home with 3 little ones!

In the garden not too much happening, we are trying to get things out so that when we have company for Thanksgiving and Christmas we will be able to enjoy some of the lovely produce from our garden.

I ordered some Spanish Rosa and Korean Red garlic from Burpee Seeds and planted that out last week. Of the bulbs we received, the Korean Red was much smaller and had far fewer cloves per bulb.  So I concentrated on finding mostly space for the Spanish Rosa. 

On left Korean Red and on right Spanish Rosa

We are still getting about half a pound of cherry tomatoes from our single Super Sweet 100 plant.

And whenever we need some aromatics, I poach the garden for some lemon grass and lemon leaf.  It is really nice to be able to step outside and grab the herbs you need for dinner. Now if I could only remember that they are actually there.

And finally the peas are starting to do something. How come no matter how thickly I think I have planted the peas, when they finally come up they look so sparse? The ones in the container are doing much better than the ones in the ground.  We planted out 3 different areas of peas, since the kids love to eat them in the garden and this way we can have some for dinner and try out some pea shoots and tips.

After staring at the pea flowers for a week, I am finally starting to see some actual peas!

Look at all those flowers!

My side garden is a jungle. The big mess is the Yellow Brandywine, so far we have had 5 tomatoes from this one plant, and they were yummy.  I haven't ripped it out to give the other plants some sunlight because we have one more growing so far and I hope to share it with my in-laws for Christmas.... dreams.  And on the left next to the Brandywine jungle are 3 eggplants. They seem to be getting huge and have really been enjoying the hot temps we have had here lately.  Tucked under the Brandywine are my jalapenos. Steadily producing enough for the family and staying out of trouble, that's my kind of plant.

Side garden

Well, since we planted out the garlic last weekend, they have shot up! One of the blogs I enjoy reading is by Willi Galloway. A few weeks ago she wrote about planting garlic in containers, and since space is a precious commodity in my garden, I decided this was the way to go this year. We had 2 smart pots and a couple of other misc pots available, so I prepped them and planted the garlic. I can't wait to see how they do.  I even over crowded one of the pots so that I could have green garlic in the spring. Whoohoo!

Garlic shoots emerging