Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thank You Annie's Granny!

Oh snap. She is a darn amazing woman! I came out of the garden on Friday with a monster zucchini (really, who hasnt at some point or another?)  I really didn't feel like baking a stuffed zucchini today.  Plus I have been hearing all about zucchini bread, zucchini muffins, chocolate zucchini bread, etc.

A quick site search and bam! got my project for the day (nope, not cleaning, running, gardening or anything else that needed to get done).  Let's face it, who doesn't want an excuse to eat some chocolate muffins? Annie's Granny has a recipe for zucchini fudge cake that I have been meaning to try out for a while. But I didn't want a whole cake, and muffins are just easier to divide up and give away to friends.

Ok, into the kitchen! I followed the recipe (go figure) and baked the muffins for 20 minutes (closely monitored by my sous chef). Barely managed to allow them to cool before cracking one open. Delicious! Didn't even need the frosting. Just the cake/muffin was sweet enough for me. (and obviously the middle.child as well as he inhaled one quickly).  The question is, will any make it to my running group today?

Happy gardening all! Now go eat your zucchini!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hearing the sizzle outside

Holy bells and whistles. It is hot out. Our estimated temperature for yesterday was supposed to be 93, and the hubs kept getting texts from the office notifying him of ever increasing temps. At the peak yesterday it was 103. Today we reached 104. What happened????

I did go for an extremely short and hot run after dropping the boys off at their schools yesterday, I did 2 miles and I was so glad to be done. Today I gladly gave up my alone time yo the hubs so he could play basketball, it was 96 degrees at 930!

I managed to sneak outside this morning to check on the plants. Last night the fava bean seedlings were flopped over and the mint looked like someone had tried to dehydrate them in the pot. The mint rebounded, but the favas might be a goner....

I also found an abandoned zucchini on the plant. Oops!

I didn't realize I lived in an oven. Gasp!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fridge Challenge

Michelle over at From Seed To Table asked to see my fridge. And I'm not sure why, but here they are.

The indoor fridge
 The top shelf in the indoor fridge is mainly made up of misc condiments that we 'need'. The first large shelf contains some super old aloe juice that I drank when I was pregnant to help alleviate my blood pressure (turns out it was the fact that my legs were dangling off the exam table that caused it to be so high....thanks Doc for freaking me out) [and yes, my daughter is 4 months old, so that should really be tossed], 2 blocks of tofu (we love the stuff!), more condiments, half a watermelon, fridge pickles, some chicken..... and the lower self contains eggs (it is really amazing how quickly we go through eggs!), leftovers from the week and fruit. The two drawers are jam packed with veggies (store bought) and whatever we have managed to bring in from the garden.  The bottom skinny drawer is mainly my guilty pleasure drawer, cured meats, cheeses, pate..... yummy stuff that I couldn't eat when pregnant but love. And a fruitcake. I LOVE fruitcake....

The garage fridge
This was supposed to be the husband's beer and work lunch fridge. I commandeered it. And this is before I added milk, eggs and strawberries to it!  This is the fridge that I make sure is mostly empty when my Mom comes to visit, because one trip to the Asian market and out fridges are overflowing.

So I showed you mine....