Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ginger monster

I have been attempting to grow ginger from store bought roots for around 2 years, but have failed miserably at getting then to sprout buds. This post winter I had my best attempt, but then it shriveled up to another failure. This morning I peeked over at my newest attempt and found this monster! I can't wait to get it in some soil today!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Abandoned posts....

I found myself attempting to post a random picture to blogger this morning and found an abandoned post from 2 weeks so. For shame.....

Can vegetables be cute? I think maybe they can.  This week the turnips had to be thinned, and although I attempted to only pick the spindley ones, I did get a couple with some little turnips forming on them. 

Turnip greens

Just look how cute this turnip looks!
 So the garden was ramping up, we are flush with zucchini.
Squash, gold zucchini and cherry tomatoes

Last head of Michilini cabbage

More zucchini, cucumbers and zucchini blossoms