Friday, July 15, 2011

Mom's visit.... and what is that???

My Mom recently came to visit us from Florida. The boys had an absolute BLAST with her. It was awesome, she cooked every day, she loved on the boys and spoiled us all. I can't wait for her to come back.  We did lots of cooking, saw Shrek the Musical, and went to Disneyland. She screamed so loudly on the Star Tours ride....

Mom, me and Gray
 Mom brought me a fabulous present, a Kefir lime tree.  It is a highly aromatic leaf that we use for cooking.
I have lemon grass growing and now with the kefir tree we are almost at a full contingent for herbs necessary for proper Thai cooking.  Mom smuggled the plant in her suitcase, for real.  She cracks me up with what she deems necessary for suitcase travel. I'd love to see the bag inspectors faces when they scan her suitcase.

Kefir Lime tree

My first plumeria bloomed this week, it reminds me of Hawaii. Ah, I'm going to sneak away with a book and sit next to this and smell this heavenly flower while I relax.

My friend sent home a zucchini with the hubs. That is a ruler next to it.... it weighed in at 4 pounds 7 oz....  it was MAMMOTH.  We stuffed it and baked it. It was YUMMY.... and fed six adults with leftovers.  She let me know that it was not even the largest one in her garden.  They are going away for a week, I hate to see the size of the zukes when she gets home.

Mammoth Ambassador zucchini

So that's what we have been up to in the week since the last post, at least some of it was gardening related =)

Happy gardening all!!!


  1. How nice that your mother could come for a visit! I'm glad she got there with the lime tree. I tried to bring a bag of lemons through LAX (Los Angeles Airport) and they confiscated them! I was so upset....I had done it before, it's legal to take them from CA to WA, just not the other way! I think the airport employee just wanted a fresh lemon pie or something ;-) We have to go out of our way to get from AZ to WA with our lemon tree, so we don't pass through Needles, CA.

  2. Enjoy your mom's visit, have fun. I have to laugh about the hidden kefir lime tree. I did the same when I travel, I checked in the biggest luggage so that I can bring home some plants (my souvenir), and there's always an inspection notice inside the luggage :)
    One time I had a plant in a carryon the tsa agent passed my bag through the x-ray several times. Hah, things gardeners do.

  3. Very nice! Is that variety of lime tree available in CA? I'd think Florida and CA have similar weather, so they would sell similar plants.... My zucchini gets really huge too, if I've missed checking on it for few days:)