Wednesday, January 19, 2011


For Christmas I was gifted with an opportunity to choose a composter for my home garden!  Now I have to buckle down and select one, so I need your help! 

I don't have a very large garden, and while I am hoping to expand this spring, I will never have a huge garden (yard limitations and all).  So what kind of composter do you have and why do you like it (or why don't you like it)?

I am leaning towards selecting this composter:


  1. This is the compost bin we use.
    It's great because we can spin it and it makes great compost! The one you picked out looks like it would be great for a small space like you suggested.

  2. The only way that I have composted is in wooden, I'm no help here. From what I have read on other blogs, these turning types work well as long as you turn them a lot.

  3. Thanks! Any help is appreciated.