Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winning back space!

How do you organize?  I have two little ones under the age of 4 and we are slowly losing our house to toys! Well, we just bought the house so the kids would have more space, and we have managed to consolidate toys, but yowza!

We are managing to win back this room, and may even have it toyless by summertime.

We started out with the above room being the main kid/play area and we have slowly been moving everything to the wood room aka - our future dining room. (It is closer to the kitchen and I can keep an eye on the kids while puttering around in there).  As you can see, the toys have exploded.  No matter how many times I pick up, the kids just follow behind me and undo all my hard work.

I am thinking we need more of these little cubbies.


My SIL has a ton in her small living room to corral the kids toys, she has triplets that are all 1. All the toys are the same age group and she's not balancing two different sets of age appropriate toy ranges. I saw how organized everything was over the holidays and I am lusting after space and organization. But she's so much more OCD than I am.

How do you keep all of the kid's stuff organized?


  1. Although my children are grown, I did watch my 2 year old, soon to be 3 grandson every day, all day until a couple of months ago. He has a designated spot in the living room with a big old copper boiler where HE puts his toys. He does bring some of toys in to the kitchen to play when we are in here...but then he puts them away. He also has toys in his room (as he calls our spare room) and a lot of toys outside when the weather is warm. He has a container outside for his outside toys. I try to explain to him that he doesn't need all of the toys out at the same time and that we could trip on them. He has gotten really good about not having all of the toys all over the house...I hope this helps

  2. The 3 yo has a good handle on putting his toys away, he doesn't like it, but he does it. The 1 yo obviously does not do it all the time yet. (he usually only puts toys away when his brother wants to play with them). We are working on the concept that he doesn't need every toy he owns out at the same time.

    Thanks Robin!

  3. Although it seems like toys have taken over your house. They do get older and then you can't get them out of their room!!