Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our late harvest this week

I've been busy lately, and it seems like it is really hard to make time for the garden. But thankfully we only have a small one! (and my camera is on the fritz, so now I'm posting via phone.... Text with pictures to follow).

This week we had the first of the Thai chili's (seeds from Renee's Garden) and mint picked fresh to add to a Thai chicken salad one night. It's fantastic to be able to wander out and just pick whatever I need for dinner (within reason).

We started enjoying our new Super Sweet 100 tomatoes. And also finally removed the scraggly tomato plant from last year that was still pumping out a few handfuls a week.  The size difference between the two plants is pretty significant. The tomato on the right is the old plant, and the left is obviously the new one.

And the zucchini's have started! We picked 3 on Sunday and I see 2 more for the morning picking.

We have been enjoying our kale. This week we harvested around 4 pounds, mostly given away to friends and cooked for dinner.

Also pictured is our most recent guest to the garden. I have seen him every day for the last few weeks.

I hope my new visitor eats some bad buggies! Happy gardening all.

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