Monday, August 13, 2012

We're back!

I hope! Ok, we took a bit of a break after saying that we were back last time, but I'm still to lazy to get the camera out and boot up the computer. So I'm lazy blogging on my phone (hence the poor picture quality and lack of tags). Sorry!

Let's see.... We took a family trip to Las Vegas to visit with my husband's fathers best friend from Hong Kong who was visiting the US.  I think I'm ok never visiting Vegas in the summer with kids again. Ever.... It was miserable hot. We're talking 110 in the shade, fry an egg on the sidewalk hot! Yuck! But the kids loved it and we had a lovely time visiting the Hoover Dam and seeing the sights of Vegas.

The boys both started school. R started public kindergarten and G started pre-k, so I get 3 days to spend with the baby and either nap or do housework that might never get done. So far the housework has won out, but a nap is looking darn good.

Things in the garden are starting to ramp up. We are flush with zucchinis (my friends are avoiding my calls), the cucumbers are coming in so fast I forget to take pictures, our super sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are a big hit this year (we can barely keep a bowl full in the house), peppers are starting and my first bittermelon is growing!

And being lazy, nothing has been weighed at all this year. But we are eating well, so that is awesome. What is coming out of your garden today?

See what other gardeners are growing around the world at daphnes dandelions. Happy gardening all!


  1. Your harvest basket looks full! Lovely colors:) Hopefully, your weather permits the bittermelon to get growing fully. Mine are still blooming and less than a month for the first frost(:

  2. That is a good looking harvest! Sounds like you have had a busy summer, there is always next year!

  3. Erk.... 110 in the shade that's no fun ! bet it was good to get home, great harvest just love cherry tomatoes.....had a laugh about friends not wanting zucchini's !!

  4. Wow! Amazing harvest! I can't imagine how hot Vegas must have been...

  5. Lots of good veggies! I'm envious of those tomatoes, mine have barely started to ripen.