Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Late again!

We are late for harvest Monday, again. And forgot to take several pictures. I will blame it on baby brain.  Here is the only picture I remembered to snap.

There are the fleshy Thai Chilis, some patty pan squash, a huge zucchini that somehow escaped pickings earlier in the week, banana peppers, pimento de patron peppers, Black Prince tomatoes, 1 Pineapple tomato, a couple of SS100's tomatoes, an eggplant, some cucumbers, and the first of the figs!

Our weekend was pretty busy, we went out to America's Finest City half marathon to cheer on some friends and lots of strangers.  The course is pretty neat and an overall downhill grade, but nearly the last mile is a pretty yuck uphill, with no shade coverage in a notoriously hot part of the year.  My friends and I brought water and waterguns to spray the hot runners. Unlike previous years, we handed out absolutely no water bottles, but used the bottles to pour over hundreds of hot folks. Note to self, next year get a super soaker and a cooler full of ice water! Everyone really seemed to appreciate the cool down and R even enjoys being out cheering people on.  Maybe I can get him to come to my race in September. Or maybe not....

Have you ever had the marinated garlic at your grocery store from the deli section?  My husband loves it, and we try to have some on hand for nights when we do al fresco dinners with salami, prosciutto, mozzarella, and fruit (and wine!). But the store sells it for $8.99 a pound. And some times we have trouble finding it. What's a girl to do?  Try making my own! So for two days I spend my "free" time peeling garlic. And after we returned home from the race, I made some pickled garlic. I can hardly wait the two weeks to taste how they turned out. I really hope they are yummy.

A couple of days of warm weather have shown awesome growth to the watermelon and my little bittermelon. Now I have to get out there and sling that yummy watermelon before he gets much bigger.

 I hope your garden is as productive and happy today!


  1. Very nice harvests! I was hoping for a picture of fig cut into half:) Must be really tasty!

    1. Tomorrow, I promise. We just split one today and it was amazing. So much better than store bought. The hubs declared it the best fig he has ever had :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Kirsty! They were so worth the wait!