Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall crops

I'm really not sure where the time goes. But I always mean to post what is coming out of the garden. It just never happens some how.

Yesterday my mom picked 2 beautiful green bell peppers and 2 eggplant for the green curry we had for dinner. And today when I went looking around I came in with 2 Beets, a basket full of super sweet 100 tomatoes and a couple of patio tomatoes, 3 immature zucchini and a lone strawberry.

Lately the garden has been the pepper zone. All peppers all the time. Sounds like I need to do some pepper experimenting!

We are waiting for peas to get taller, fava beans, more beets, and some greens. I don't think our arugula or lettuces are going to grow well with hungry bunny rabbits and birds outside. But I can always try again I guess.

Well, now that those beautiful beets have been picked, looks like I have to figure out what to do with them! Happy gardening :)

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