Monday, May 20, 2013

Its been a while!

It has been a long time since we've talked, sorry about that!  The garden has been doing okay for now.  I have scaled back on the variety of tomatoes in we are growing, basically only Super Sweet 100's (I have one or two other varieties, but no where near the experimenting from the last couple of years). This year's garden will be primarily lead by the boys, I will grow what they will eat. Which is easy for one of them, he eats everything. And the girl will eat all of the tomatoes as soon as she is able to walk and pick them.

So here is what is in the garden:

Super sweet  100 tomatoes
Yellow Zucchini
Italian Zucchini
Snow peas
Green Beans
Pickling cucumbers
Sorrel (they are mad for it)
3 types of eggplant
Bittermelon (ok, this is for me)
Chinese Okra
Thai Peppers (me again)
Butternut Squash
Chrysanthamum greens
Bok Choy
Salad greens
(I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember right now. I'll get photos tomorrow and we can see what is actually out there!)

So I sort of got a crazy wild idea in December... to celebrate 2013, I would run 2013 miles this year. How insane is that?  It didn't seem crazy when I said it out loud. But five months into this challenge and it seems a little nutty.  Anyway, I'm plugging along on that endeavor. You can follow along by clicking the widget on the right. I promised myself that when I get to the halfway mark I would treat myself to something from Lululemon (a brand of clothing I consider way over priced but so pretty). How many miles a day is that  you ask?  It is 5.53 miles a day, every day. EVERY DAY. 38.71 miles a week. Approx. 167.75 miles a month. Gack.

So, what have you been up to?  What do you think I should be growing in the garden?

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  1. Yes, it has been awhile since you posted. You have quite a variety of veggies there for someone who has scaled back, lol. Can't wait to see the pictures. I'll start planting this week-end. I wanted to make sure we were past the last frost date.