Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What we have growing in the yard.

Between camera issues (I have 3 kids, the issue is that one usually grabs the camera, drops it and we need a new one) and computer issues (crunked up computer) it has been a while since actually grabbed the camera, went outside and took some photos. But now we have a camera I hide from the kids so successfully that I forget where it is occasionally and a new laptop. So we are good to go!
Here is what we have going on in our little section of Sunny San Diego:
Black Krim tomato

Strawberries. (Our small strawberry patch needs an overhaul and I just haven't had
 time to do it, so this small container should yield enough for the kids for now.)

Container pickling cukes, and in front of that the seedlings I have had on hold.

Salad mix after a big cut down (I generally don't grow salad greens, but after seeing everyone else's harvest and all the salads, I got jealous.).

Red Potoates

Juliet Tomato (small grape)

My mini patch of bulb onions (red and yellow)

Butternut Squash (Again, something I usually don't grow, but envy made me do it!).

Bush Bean Filet (

Water Spinach and Ram Ram in container

More Ram Ram

Gold Zucchini (

Italian Zucchini

Holey Cabbage and dill

Bolting Michilini and Turnips (right)

A closer shot of the turnips. What do you make with turnips and turnip greens?

A closer look shows my tiny Bittermelon plants. Third planting for these guys, the transplants
 did not take to the garden bed well, lesson learned.

Another experiment for the year, artichoke. Poor little thing, our dog seems to think it was ok to step on it.

Edible Chrysanthemum sprouts

Thai Basil

Chinese Okra (Luffa).

Bok Choy in container. All the bok choy we planted in ground was
 munched on by some critter. I replanted more, I swear!

Look what the hubby got for me! (The shed, not the dog)
So, other than the perennials in the yard, that's it!  


  1. I'm jealous. I haven't gone plant in the ground. Hopefully this week-end, I will till the manure under and get everything planted. I'm growing a Black Krim tomato this year. First time, I'm eager to taste it.

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