Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Oh Holy Hannah! I'm buying a pellet gun for sure! I turn my back for one second (ok, overnight) and the dang birds are robbing me out of house and home.

Morning inspection showed this carnage....

Bye-bye beautiful Purple Cherokee tomato that I have been checking daily and frankly lusting after. What was left weighed in at 6 7/8 ounces. During Operation Tomato removal, I found this guy....

Bye-bye 8 5/8 ounce Green Zebra. And we had just sampled a ripe one, and fell in love with the rich taste and smooth texture of this tomato. I'm just thankful that the plant has been very prolific so far and we have lots more to look forward to eating this summer.

And of course, bad things come in three's... I found this unripe small 3 oz Green Zebra had been tasted as well (apparently twice).

*Sigh* S.O.S. I need help fending off the birds (I'm assuming it was the birds) so we can enjoy the fruits of my hard work!

How do you all defend your tomatoes?


  1. Are you sure that it's the bird? It may be another critter feasting on your veggies.

  2. Oh man... I was reading some posts on the Garden Web.... and they suggest either a groundhog or rats! EEEK!!! oh boy, now I have to figure out what to do here.

  3. I was thinking a groundhog. They can eat your garden in no time! I had one last year. It ate all of my bean plants right down to stubs...and ate all of the peas...3 times!! I tried to trap it with no success. I haven't seen it this year though. I added chicken wire around all of my beds this spring and purchased a new (all natural) spray to deter groundhogs and bunnies.