Monday, July 26, 2010

Harvest Monday July 26, 2010

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I'm really not sure what happened to the week. Last thing I recall, I was bemoaning the nasty cutworm in my garden and now it's time to see what was harvested last week!

Well, as best I can recall we had some cucumbers, squash and loads of basil. It's been a week filled with lots of regular chores at home and some extra ones to get the house ready for my In-laws who arrive tonight. Between potty training, 3 year old temper tantrums, house keeping and yoga, I'm worn out!

Total harvest for the week:
Cucumbers: 15 5/8 oz + some I forgot to weigh
CP tomatoes: forgot to weigh
Squash: 20 7/8 oz
Basil: 2 handfuls
Flat leaf Italian Parsley: 1 small handful

Saturday was a haze, a burry haze. We woke up at the crack of dawn to start an new season on InMotion Fit marathon training. Lots of new people signed up and lots more returning friends. The boys did an awesome job charming everyone as we did orientation and registration. Then we went and watched the hubby play some pick-up basketball games, lunch and home. Everyone got to enjoy a great and rare afternoon nap. And next thing we know it's time to start thinking about dinner!

The hubby had an opportunity to purchase some grass fed beef. So we are expecting 1/8th of a cow. Clean out the freezer time! Last Sunday we had some friends over for a turkey, that's right a whole turkey. We've slowly been working on getting all the other misc things consumed as well. Saturday we had a mish mash dinner of pasta with scallops, garlic, asparagus and from the garden tomatoes, chives, basil and parsley. Yummy! From the freezer pot stickers and shrimp shumai.

When I inspected the garden Friday night, these two were about 5 inches long and not quite ready to pick yet. When I looked again Sunday morning they were HUGE!!

These great cukes weighed in at 15 5/8 oz. I did manage to get them weighed and washed before they were snatched out of my hand and one was consumed. The other one I am saving for a cucumber and tomato salad tonight. I know we had another day of cucumber picking, I guess I didn't get it weighed or photographed!

This week was a clearing week for the fridge, freezer and garden! I pulled the bolting swiss chard that was growing in a container and replanted with kale and inter-planted with radishes. Some collards and beets were planted as well. I hope they do Ok in the heat, it usually doesn't cool off around here until October.

Well, my little visitor is back. He was doing ok for a while, picking and eating some of the smaller and more prolific tomatoes and leaving me the heirlooms. I thought we had an understanding. Then he had to go and take 2 big Cherokee Purples. Well, that prompted me to put an end to this! I loaded up the molemover and we will see what happens. I know that the neighbor who backs up to our yard has two large mounds of dirt that seemed to just appear overnight. And we have odd areas of our yard that won't grow grass worth a darn. So I'm guessing gopher.... let me know if I'm wrong! Hopefully this will work and I don't have to go and buy a trap. Because then I will have to find someone to take care of the varmit. My father in law is here for a while... maybe I can bribe him with a yummy dessert....!

Well, off to finally catch up on reading. Happy gardening all!


  1. I have a very nasty groundhog that lives under my neighbor's shed. When the rest of my garden gets up I need a really good fence. I hope that is enough to keep him out. Luckily I haven't seen any digging rodents yet.

  2. You sure have enough going on to keep you busy all the time! Congrats on still making the time to garden and enjoy your harvests! I hope you get that little critter problem taken care of, so your tomatoes can grow unmolested.