Sunday, July 18, 2010

Harvest Monday July 19, 2010

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What a crazy hot week it's been here is beautiful sunny SoCal! It's been in the 90's here, which was great for the summer veggies, but not so great for running. Phew! Here's some of the things we pulled from the garden this week. (A lot of things not pictured, I got lazy).

Super Sweet 100's: 4 11/8 oz
Early Girl Tomatoes: 1 7/8 oz
Gretel Eggplants: 3 1/8 oz
Celebrity Tomatoes: 9 3/4 oz
Ronde squash: 5 3/8 oz
Scalloped squash: 13 7/8 oz
Natsu Rakuten-Summer Fest: 4 oz
Swiss Chard: 10 oz

We also found another running friend who was willing to take a lot of the veggies we didn't think we would be able to use. I can't wait to hear how it's put to good use.

Well, like I said, this week has been hot, not Atlanta hot, but hot! We reached temps in the 90's (or 110 if you believe our thermometer... which I don't...) and I don't think my tomatoes enjoyed it. It's crispy city for their leaves. I spent a good hour removing scraggly dried out leaves. Which left me with some nude and funny looking plants.

The eggplants are handling it well though! Lots of little Gretel eggplants and more flowers. The japanese eggplants are starting to flower and I'm hoping the next few weeks will give us a good harvest.

I'm saving this baby for my in-laws visit next week. I think my MIL will enjoy tasting a home grown eggplant.

This scalloped squash plant has only been in the garden for about 6 weeks, and it seems to like it a lot! We've already had 3 squash harvested and I see 3 more that will be ready within a week and lots more that I can see that need to be pollinated. What a good buy!

Asian greens have been treating us well. I pulled some for my friend, but I still haven't tried it myself. Here are some Natsu Rakuten-Summer Fest and Tatsoi.

AND I saw something super exciting in the garden..... baby edamame! Whoo hoo! These two plants were the only ones to survive the first planting. Between the slugs, critters and just plain rotting before they emerged, he first planting was not stellar. But I have ore plants that seem to be doing well, but these babies have flat fuzzy pods that I am going to watch swell.... and then I will probably watch my oldest son devour them and not share them with the hubby, the in-laws or me...

Ok, back to spying on the garden! Happy gardening all!!!


  1. Oh, your poor tomato plants. :( But it looks like the rest of the garden is enjoying the heat. It's about time, this summer has been a really cool one up my way.

  2. Boy, your garden is doing great! Those eggplant look yummy. Sorry about your tomato plant.

  3. The eggplant are beautiful. I have a soft spot for eggplant.
    Your kitchen counter looks exactly like mine. White tile. How funny.
    My daughter could not wait and picked the edamame when they were a little too small. that's OK. it was an experiment but I do wonder if they will keep producing.

  4. Why are your tomato leaves drying? I have noticed the same thing on my tomato plants and I think that it started with one variety and now its moving to others. I hope you will get some fruit from them.

  5. Michelle: There's a light at the end of the tunnel though! There's a pretty significant amount of new growth, but I have no idea what happened.

    Robin: Ah well, live and learn. Welcome back from vacation!

    Johanna: =) your house must have been built between 1990 and 2005 too! It seemed like every house we looked at that didn't have a kitchen upgrade has the white tile. We are looking at remodeling the kitchen soonish, so lots of research about what I want done!!! Let me know about the edamame.... I've heard you can get multiple harvests....

    Vrtlarica: I have no clue about those darn tomato leaves. Let me know if you figure out what's up!

  6. Your eggplants look really good! Your squash plant looks great, too - it's nice when you feel like you made a good buy, isn't it?

  7. I love the variety of squash and the eggplant. The heat in mid-Mississippi has been tough on my tomato plants, too.