Monday, October 4, 2010

Harvest Monday October 4, 2010 and update on peas!

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions.  It's a great opportunity to see what other gardeners are growing around the world. 

Sometimes I forget how wonderful the things growing in the garden can be. I spend so much time fighting critters, trying to keep my house in order, and get in my "required" runs that the simple joy of the garden is often overlooked. But I am reminded by other bloggers who actually utilize their gardens!  That is the case this week. We are getting some more green beans from the Scarlett Runner beans and the Tatsoi and Natsu Rakuten are lush and ready to be eaten. After seeing other's harvesting their Bok Choy, Ryle and I rushed out to the garden and pulled up some Tatsoi for dinner. Good plan too because it was declared to be "delicious" by the only person we really have to please at dinner-time, Ryle.  He loves to eat Bok Choy and anything that has "green leaves - [that he can eat] like a giraffe."

I think this was 8 oz of Tatsoi

3 oz of beans

Some FairyTale and Gretel eggplants

Raspberries are almost ready

Bell peppers getting their second flush of flowers

Volunteer Bok Choy from my super producer this spring, can't wait to start harvesting off this guy

Finally getting some pea growth from containers

Peas - I decided to cover the peas I tried to plant in the ground with water bottles (with the bottoms cut off) to prevent the bunny from digging them up. And I am pleased to announce that this crazy scheme actually worked!  I checked and we actually have little pea shoots under those water bottles. I will probably leave them on until the peas are tall enough  to handle the abuse by the bunny. (I think the bunny has deflected his attention to Ryle's radishes).

Growing bottles, errr I mean peas under bottles

A pea shoot growing under the water bottle protector

The garden was sadly neglected the last few days with all of the running around we were doing. Friday we gathered at the beach with some friends and came home late with some sandy dirty kiddos. Saturday started bright and early for a group run, the kids and I actually managed to get out the door on time for a change; 5:45 am, packed up and out the door. Unheard of. Then goofing off with friends and then home.  The boys enjoyed some play-time on the slip-n-slide and then well deserved naps. Sunday we spent all day at the Miramar Airshow. Loud but very fun.

And after the hot weekend, we started the week cool and drizzly. Which of course makes me want to make (and eat) more pumpkin muffins. I just pulled the second batch out of the oven, and the smell is heavenly.  I really need the weather to get sunny again or my waistline is going to suffer greatly. We managed to give away more than half of the last batch to friends and neighbors, so hopefully this batch will also find good homes besides my belly. 

So, I'm off for a jog since I only have one little guy at home for an hour or so and I can go out with just the single jog stroller. It's the little things in life that make us happy, right? 

Happy gardening!


  1. Your tatsoi greens look lush and healthy! All your handpicking of cabbage worms must be working. Love your water bottle garden. Peas are nice, too! :-)

  2. Congratulations on that beautiful harvest! The tatsoi looks awesome! I'm with Ryle - anything with green leaves is delicious. Covering the peas with bottle is a very good idea.

  3. Tatsoi is so pretty. I love to eat it in soups and stirfries. My problem right now is I like my stir fries with a little meat and I'm out right now. Ack. I need to get to the store. I ought to do it today.

  4. Thyme - still icked out that you squished those buggers by hand. Gross. Here's hoping we get peas this fall/winter!

    Balblo - Yep, he eats vegetables, a miracle according to all my friends.

    Daphne - Hope you got to the store and had a nice stir-fry!