Monday, April 11, 2011

Harvest Monday - 4/11/11

What an absolutely wonderful week/weekend it was! No trips to the emergency room,the kids were well behaved, and we even managed to got somethings accomplished in the yard.

This week we harvested peas, radishes, and Swiss chard.  And we are getting very excited for warmer weather and a larger garden. YAY!!!

11 oz of French Breakfast Radishes

4 1/2 oz peas
5 3/4 oz rainbow Swiss Chard
 The whole family was involved in the yard work this weekend. While the hubs was out playing basketball, the kiddos and I stayed home since the run this week was not jog stroller friendly. So we got to work on some garden projects that have been neglected. While getting the soil ready for my fava seedlings, I found a couple of worms. And normally I'd just leave them to do their work, but I know that Ryle loves bugs and worms, so I let him play a bit.

Getting heeby jeebies just watching him play with the worms.
 And now it's time to get those seedlings planted. I've really only had Fava beans once after hearing Martha Stewart talk about how wonderful they were (yes, Martha Stewart). So I found some at the grocery store and we looked up a recipe and tried them out. We were not impressed. But lately I have been hearing about how awesome young fava beans are grilled in the pod and how delish the fava bean leaves are.  Well, I thought I'd see what I was missing.

 And we got part of our bed fixed up and ready for soil. One of the posts was missing from out kit, so we are waiting delivery. Getting excited about planting lots of yummies! So.... what grows in partial shade?

 The cress is starting to take off. I can't wait, it's so versatile. I saw some cress at the grocery store in one of those living containers, they sell. You know what I mean?  Well, I sort of figured if they were meant to keep the cress alive and fresh until you could eat it, maybe I could plant it in a container and cheat my way into a cress plant. So I panted it, and immediately watched it die. That was depressing. By about a week later I saw a little bit of cress had started growing in the pot. And now there's lots o cress growing in the pot.  Hooray!  So now we have cress. hmmmmm!

Happy Gardening all!  Check in and see what other gardeners around the world are harvesting this week!


  1. You're ahead of us(in San Diego) in producing spring harvest. I've just spotted radish and mustard green sprouts, in the garden.

    Hmm....Haven't ever tasted fava beans! Your cress looks lovely(and yummy....). I'm guessing it's water cress? We use them too, but haven't had success, one time I tried growing seeds. Did you find them with roots at the grocery store?

  2. I've never eaten favas before. And I'm trying the for the first time this year. My problem is that I forgot I planted them there and then mixed in the fertilizer. Whoops. I just hope enough are close enough to the surface to still germinate. I'm crossing my fingers.

  3. Love how neat and colorful your harvest is this week! And congrats on that cress rebirth! Looking forward to seeing how your garden grows this season!

  4. Nice looking garden devloping there and lovely radishes. Fava beans are one veg I have never grown. I must correct that soon. My youngest daughter loves playing with worms.