Monday, April 4, 2011

Harvest Monday 4/4/11 - and being an idiot....

Happy Monday!  It's a fantastic day outside and it really makes you appreciate digging in the dirt.

This week we had a little harvest, mostly peas and scallions. We actually pulled 3x the amount of scallions pictured, but the camera was MIA during some of the harvesting. These were grown by replanting the cut ends of store bought green onions. 

From replanted cut ends of store bought scallions

Peas, peas and more peas!  We do not have record of the stolen peas throughout the week, but I'm pretty sure that both boys at some time or another pulled peas off the plants. Well, at least they are eating their vegetables!
6 1/2 oz Sugar Snap Peas
 So last week I had a rather large to do list, and I did start it, I swear!  I managed to break up some of the soil next to the house that I am planning on making into a raised bed. Now I just have to get down and dirty to really break up the clumps by hand and remove rocks and debris.

Progress.... why do I always forget the before picture?
  My youngest son tries to sneak outside every chance he gets. And when he does, he usually ends up playing in the dirt. He was supposed to be playing with bubbles. And magically he has dirt in his hair, on his face and his hands.
Likes playing in the dirt

Much dirtier than Mommy

Did you notice the gauze on my hand in the picture above? ******WARNING --- the pictures below are gross.... please don't look if you are easily icked out*******

Because I have sissy hands that are unused to manual labor,  I should have worn gloves to till the soil in my future raised bed.  I was just so excited about getting out and getting started that I didn't think about it. Last time I do that. My hand felt like I was developing a blister, and when I looked down I had done this:

 Now... I'm allergic to latex. So you would think that I know better than to use a latex band aid, right? Apparently I'm not very smart. I slapped a band aid containing latex on it. Oh, I knew it had latex in it, but all of my latex free band aids were too small to cover the area. And after all, the palm has pretty thick skin, yeah? Um, the skin that I exposed was not thick, and that is the area that is now inflamed, blistering and hurting. I tried the cream the doc prescribed for me last time I had a reaction and it so far is not working very well. I spent 3 hours in the emergency room this weekend, seeing if they had anything else to help me. The physician's assistant thought it was an infection. Either a viral, bacterial or fungal infection and not a latex allergy...  Really dude?  I am allergic to latex. Signs of a latex allergy include: redness, itching, scaling, peeling, hard bumps, or fluid-filled blisters and oozing sores. But this person diagnoses me with an infection?  So I get to go see my doc this afternoon to see what's up.

Blister after band aid...
Fun times.... Anyway, happy gardening and I hope your weekend was better than mine!!! Bleck...


  1. Ouch! I hope that infection (or latex allergy) clears up soon for you because that could seriously slow down your spring garden work! :D

    Your garden helper is darling and if it is any consolation when my daughter was younger she would just go out to the garden and feast on sugar snap peas. It never bothered me because I loved that she enjoyed the fresh veggies so much and I knew it was so good for her.

  2. I agree with Laura, Ouch! I sometimes forget to wear gloves and then there are the times I wear gloves and get blisters anyway. When I do hard labor I try to wear gloves and not work more than two hours at a stretch. Usually that keeps me from getting hurt. Otherwise I just never know. I could pull something or get blisters. Easy labor is fine. I worked about 5 hours on the garden yesterday, but it was mostly easy labor.

    When my kids were young I was always so happy when they ate from the garden. They wouldn't eat any without a fight at the kitchen table, but from the garden I often got them to eat things and they liked it.

  3. Drum roll please.... doc says that my gnarly blister is a result of my allergy to latex. Stop taking antivirals and antibiotics (he asked if the ER really put me on these for my latex allergy?)and it should clear up on it's own. It's a doosy and for the love of pete stop using latex bandages (and he didn't say this, but I infered that he called me stupid, and I deserved it). The hubby called it without a doubt one of my less smart moments. So now I wait and make my hands even more sissified by keeping t