Thursday, April 21, 2011

What now?

Well, 200 miles and we survived!  I was walking funny down the stairs for a couple of days, but that's proof I ran hard. My one complaint were the stop lights. Now, while I did enjoy the chance to catch my breath, it gave a lot of people I passed time to catch up to me, which only made me run faster still and the vicious cycle of needing to catch my breathe only kept going. If you are interested in which "legs" were mine, I as runner #8.

It wasn't as hot as it has been in the past, but running up the hills in the heat of the day made me SO glad I was not pushing a double jog stroller. There was an ambulance at the end of my first leg working on a girl who did not look so good. I wonder what happened with her.  Did anyone follow the blog?  Van 1 was way goofier than van 2, but I'm ok with being less goofy.

Well, it's back into the garden. Lots of pruning of my Cherokee Purple and Green Zebra plants. I think I might have let them go a little wild for too long. When I was trying to tie up one of the stems, I broke it off. Sorry CP! I tried to stick it in water in an attempt to propagate a second plant, but you know what happens when there is a stationary bucket of water and 2 boys under age 4 right? Muddy boys and one abused tomato stem.

Pruned CP Plant

Pruned Green Zebra Plant

Poor abused CP Stems I broke off

CP --- I can almost taste it
What happens when you have two boys, water and dirt....
 Anyway, that's what is going on with us, what's going on with you all?

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  1. Your tomato looks delicious! It must be nice to be able to have grown plants already! Mine still sit indoors and wait for weather to get warmer.

    Kids and dirt are a combination!LOL!