Monday, March 21, 2011

Falling behind at keeping up!

I am constantly amazed by how fast life moves!  There are so many things that happen that never get told about. So here's what we have been up to lately, and most of it is NOT gardening related.

In February we took a little ski break to Big Bear and taught the little one how to ski. He had a blast!  The worst complaint? He couldn't keep his hands warm.


Then a trip to Disneyland before spring break (and March Madness) rolls around and it is mobbed. We decided to try a different approach this time and just drive up and down in the same day. It was our best trip yet. We were amazed at how easily we managed to leave the house and how smoothly everything went, and we saved ourselves lots of cash in a hotel and eating out. We will definitely be doing it this way in the future.

We stayed until it was bedtime for the boys.

And on the running front a few friends and I participated in the inaugural Safari Half Marathon. I think I have taken running to a new level of lazy.  I have been to the park before, and I wasn't driving up, so I looked at nothing prior to the actual race.  I had a friend tell me where the bib pick up was and car-pooled with another friend to the race.  So the whole course was pretty much a mystery to me. And man..... it was HILLY!  My legs were still weak 6 days later when I did my group run. It was a mostly pretty course, but not very nice smelling. And the mist over the flamingos was so pretty!

Simon, Gaby, me and Marvin at the start.

And this past weekend we had our 11th annual St Patrick's day party. We decided that we like hosting parties because we like to be around people, but we hate going places.  It's a sad truth!  On the menu was corned beef (of course), mashed potatoes, cabbage, potato leek soup, Irish whiskey cake (not made by me) and Irish coffee brownies (a new addition). As I was slicing the leeks for cleaning it occurred to me that leeks are basically big old spring onions in a way... so if replanting onion butts works to regrow onions.... will replanting leek butts work the same way?  Well into the soil they went. I'll let you know if it was a success or dismal failure in a few weeks.

And that's all that we have been doing lately. We had some last minute cancellations and now have a lot of leftover corned beef... so if you have any good recipes for leftover corned beef, send them my way?

Happy gardening all!

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