Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm grumpy

There's really no reason for it, I'm just grumpy. It's absolutely wonderful outside, my kids are mostly behaving and I just want to scream. Argg..... I am hoping that some down time with a good book and some gardening will help the grumps. 

So far we have gone as far as the planning stage of the side garden, now to actually acquire wood and soil for the bed before planting season passes me by. 

Enough griping already! Signs of spring are all around me.

 My potted peas are doing wonderful and we have lots of flowers that will soon be yummy peas. (and now of course I am contemplating purple podded peas.....)

 Kiddo's radishes are growing and being devoured. I need to do a second pot for them before he gets too far ahead of me.

 My tomato plant is huge for March.

And I can almost taste the fennel.

My first asparagus tip of the year has made it's appearance. 

And for my birthday, my boys bought me dwarf citrus trees!  (1 Eureka lemon and 1 Lime)

And now to get pots for my new trees and get some gardening done. Happy gardening friends!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry that your are feeling grumpy. I hope gardening will solve that. I like your new dwarf citrus trees, they are nice!