Monday, March 28, 2011

Harvest Monday 3/28/11

Happy Monday!  We actually had a harvest this week, I am just as amazed as you, I promise!!!!  I had forgotten what it was like to go out to the garden and obtain something to make dinner with. The garden has always been something nice to have a chance to dig in the dirt, but winter (even a mild SoCal one) makes you forget how nice it is to not have to rely on the store for everything.

This week we picked:
Tomatoes (I have no idea what kind, one of the boys stole the tag) - 2 5/8 oz
Peas - 9 3/8 oz
some scallions and lots of radishes

2 5/8 oz peas and 2 5/8 oz mystery tomatoes
6 3/4 oz peas (not including what the boys ate while we were picking)

Some awesome garden scallions
BIG radishes - it's amazing, I am allowed to eat radishes this year since Ryle has stopped hoarding all of them.

 The leeks that were planted during the St Pat's party cooking are actually growing!  So far 2/4 of the leeks I plopped into the soil have started showing signs of growing. I'm geeking out at the success.

Growing leeks
 Hopefully the small harvest and gardening experiment success will get me motivated to go out and plant more seeds! Check out what others are harvesting around the world at Daphne's Dandelions.  Happy gardening all =)


  1. So....did you just eat the tops of the leeks and then plant the bottom? Your harvests look great!

  2. Oooohh. I can't wait for peas. I will be planting some this weekend!

  3. The harvest is great - lots of variety and all looks pretty darn tasty! I am particularly envious of the tomato... no such possibility in our area until mid summer.

  4. You are making me really want spring. I so can't wait for pea season to come here. Yours look lovely.

  5. Katrina - I trimmed the leeks like I normally would and planted the white root end. Ok, I might have reserved a little more root end than I normally would if I was going to compost it, but basically just didn't do much out of the oridinary with the leeks.

    Ali - I'm so proud of our pea harvest this year! We have enough for the family and not just my garden muncher. Usually peas don't even make it indoors =) Good luck with your planting this weekend and hope it warms up for you!

    KitsaFG - I am staring at the rest of the tomato plants daily just waiting.....

    Daphne - The hubby was impressed with the pea harves too. I can't wait to see your new garden this summer. I'm envious of your green thumb and all your space!

  6. Can't believe you are already harvesting tomatoes! Great harvests, the peas are beautiful.

  7. So jealous of your harvest! If all goes well I'll finally be eating my own lettuce in a few weeks. However, I'm also stuck in the crazy weather of New England so we'll see!

    - Cloud @