Friday, May 27, 2011

Back in the garden

It's just been to wonderful outside to let some head/chest cold get in the way of gardening.  So a lot of things that I've been procrastinating about managed to get done.

The lovely postcard that Ribbit send was planted in a nice sunny location near the patio table, I can't wait to see what grows.


Now you see it

Now you don't!

So far I have been extremely happy with my Smart Pots.  I planted some red potatoes in two pots and a Green Zebra tomato in the last one and they seem to be loving it.  For some reason Blogger isn't letting me post a picture of pot 1, but it looks a lot like pot2...  Healthy and happy.

Smart Pot 2 - Red Potato

Smart Pot 3 - Green Zebra

Squint and you can see my baby GZ

I'm experimenting with Chayote right now,  I have never eaten the squash or the greens, so I can't wait to try it this summer!  I was planning on planting 2, but I did a little reading and it said to plant the vines 10 feet apart.... and frankly I don't have that kind of space right now for 2 plants, so 1 plant it is!  I will place a trellis behind it when it gets tall enough to start climbing.
My Chayote finally broke ground

The cucumbers and squash are finally in the ground. Its the area I cleared of onions et al a few days ago. I've been lusting after every one's harvests, but it was due to my inactivity, so we attempted to change that!

Bottle garden is back
  I purchased a plant last year that was supposed to be a Green Zebra tomato, but it ended up not being green at all.  I'm not sure what type of tomato it was, but it was delicious.  So we grew it again this year.  So far so good on the fruiting stage.

My mystery tomatoes

 We ate the first of our Cherokee Purples, and it was yummy.  We have a few smaller ones starting to change color, but a few of the larger ones are just hanging around getting bigger.... I can't wait!

Lots of CP Toms

And apparently the little one can't wait either.  I know he liked it when we all snacked on the CP, but come on guy... patience!  He also ravages the strawberries before they are red, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Hey! Hands off little man!!!!

Yeah, that's his "who me" face....

Doesn't he look innocent?
Well, that's all for now!  Happy Gardening!


  1. I didn't have to squint, I saw the tomato! Lucky you, we got so much rain my cucumber plants rotted, so I have to replant.

    What a sweet, adorable little boy.

  2. Is there anything better than getting outside and getting the hands dirty? You have so much going on it is awesome. Best of luck with it all.

  3. That's the look my kid would give me too:) Your tomato plants look heavy! You'll have lots of tomatoes soon! Chayote squash is one of our favorites! Once cooked they're sweet and mild. I'd love to grow them, but they're not suitable to our zone.

  4. That's a cutie pie you have there.
    Two of my chayote squashes die from cold snaps while I was away and only 1 survive, well better than nothing, I don't think I'll get any squash this year (maybe 1 or 2) as chayote sets fruits late in the year.