Thursday, May 26, 2011

Better late than never!

Well, we did have a harvest last week, unfortunately having a pre-schooler expose the family to random germs means we get sick.... a lot. I was hoping that this would run it's course after last fall, but looks like new bugs are starting again!  Boo!

As a lovely pick me up I received a beautiful postcard in the mail from Ribbit.  I can't wait to plant it!

 Our harvest last week included 5 1/4 oz of cute Fairy Tale Eggplants, our first Cherokee Purple tomato, weighing in at 3 5/8 oz and some tester carrots.

Our tomato could have stood some more ripening I thought, but I think the kid might have been a little over zealous with the watering.... That's ok, we picked it and ate it anyway, it was delicious!!!! Sweet and full of summery goodness.

And check out how small these little carrots were!

The family did a day at Disneyland on Sunday with the hubby feeling not so great and Ryle acting up (never a good combo) and then the hubby got sicker. And now I have it too. But it was just too nice of a day yesterday to be sick. So I let the kids run loose in the yard and play at their water table while I attempted to get some gardening done.  Operation garden clean up!  I've been planting scallion nubs in the garden 90% of the time when I cook with them, just where ever I have a space, and it's been great for getting more scallions, but just terrible on organization. And some were getting a little long in the tooth. So out they came.

And since we hardly ever have a glut of things coming out of our little garden, this mass of onions was frankly amazing!  It's funny how things add up. What to do with them???

 I decided to make a sour pickled kimchee that my Mom used to make when I was growing up. I hope I did it right.

Trimmed up and ready to get pickled.

With a few left over for the fridge.

 During phase 1 of operation garden clean up we pulled the parsley and the lettuce that had bolted.  And when the kids and I came in for snack time, I happened to glance out the kitchen window and saw the bunny nibbling away! My but he is a bold little guy.

You may be able to see Mr. Bunny if you zoom....
Sorry for the lousy picture, but if I open the door he would have bolted
More gardening updates maybe tomorrow. Time to whip up some chicken soup or something. Happy gardening all!

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