Monday, May 16, 2011

Harvest Monday 5/16/11

Happy Monday! Last week we did a lot of observing in the garden and I did a lot of regretting.  I really regretted not planting any lettuces when I saw all of the bounty my fellow urban gardeners were bringing in.  But maybe once I finally get the soil in the raised bed I can plant some there before the heat gets to be too much in SoCal.

Our harvest this week included  4 Tonda di Parigi Carrots (a petite sized round carrot we grew in containers), more peas (our plants are just about done and we need to just rip them out), and 3 1/2 oz of little Fairy Tale Eggplants.

I decided to conduct a bug search this Saturday since some critter was nibbling on my broccoli leaves.  What I found was nature doing it's thing.  A caterpillar entrapped in a spiders web and the spider hiding behind him after having taken a couple of nibbles our of him. I just left him to his dinner and help looking for others.

Unfortunately you can't see the spider hiding out. But this fat guy was making himself at home in my broccoli.

My earliest Cherokee Purple is really starting to change colors....soon!

And she has approx 30 friends for us as well.

Last week we finally planted the Japanese eggplant seedlings and the shishito pepper seedlings. Unfortunately the bunny discovered them the very same night.  He has been slowly nibbling away.  So our water/soda bottle garden is back. We don't drink many 2 liters, so I don't have really large bottles to protect the plants, so we had to make due with water bottles. Hopefully this will help until they get a little bigger and we can put up a bunny fence.

And for some reason the favas just keeled over. Seriously, just flopped over.  The stems feel strong and it was too early in the morning for the boys to have done them in, so I am confused by what happened.  I just tied them up to some bamboo and metal garden stakes and hope this helps. They are scrawny and only just starting to bulk up.

The smart pots we filled with red potatoes and my green zebra seedling finally got a home. I can't wait to see how each does in the new smart pots. They are some what uglier than a traditional pot, so I hid them by the fence.

And because I am just so amazed that it is actually growing, the sorrel again. We haven't picked any yet, no time to look up recipes to try out in the kitchen.

Now I'm off to go and fight with the pre-schooler about waking up and going to school. Happy gardening all!


  1. Rabbits and deer would eat everything in the garden if we let them! My CP tomatoes are just showing the first blossom. Hope mine have 30 like yours!

  2. I was excited to see your fairy tale eggplants!! I've started some from seed, so it will be interesting to see how they do in our garden. I hear about cherokee purple in almost all the blogs, but have never grown or tasted them. How do they stack up against say, brandywine?

  3. Those fairy tale eggplants are just the cutest little things. I hope they are at least left alone by the rabbit.

  4. Aw, I just LOVE a mater with friends! ;-) looks great!

  5. @Villager - I can't wait to see your tomato harvest this year! And hear about the variety you have planted as well.

    @RG - Um..... I haven't had a Brandywine... The one we tried to grow last year didn't make it... They are definitely yummy.

    @Daphne - The FT's are growing in a container on the patio, I think the bunny is a little hesitant to try to nibble off the patio plants. But he is a small bunny and maybe not so hungry yet. I better get that fence up!

    @Barbie - Thanks!

  6. Boy that's a lot of CP's on one plant! I certainly hope that mine are that prolific! I have no idea what happened to your fava beans. This is the first year that I have planted them.