Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Misc mental wanderings

So sometimes I forget things. This was a very rare occurrence pre-kids, but now it's almost daily.  I'm hoping that the boys turn out to be diligent in their studies and have great memories as a result of stealing mine.  I garden like I still remember everything.  Mainly  because those little plant markers seem to go missing when I stick them next to a new planting.  It makes it a little more challenging, but it's kind of like hiding presents for yourself all over the place as pick me ups!  And it makes failures less painful.  Because an open spot in the garden may have just been a spot that I missed planting and not a failed germination.  The glass is always half full, right?

So,what started me on the mental wanderings and trying to figure out if losing my mind was a slow process or if it happened all at once was the discovery of sorrel in my garden! I like reading about gardens and new a interesting new vegetables to try out.   Last year I read about sorrel.  I have ever used it but I LOVE lemons and anything lemony or citrusy. I have attempted to plant this 2-3 times in the past year, and they just never germinated, so I gave it one last try in a re-purposed plastic container. (Former toy holder that was set for the recycle bin when I decided the hole was a perfect for drainage ).  Of course I forgot what was planted there. I assumed when it started growing that it was spinach. We love spinach, and didn't have any growing, so of course I would have planted it.... right? Well..... the red tips on the greens made me wonder if it was spinach and a quick taste test resulted in a spinach like texture with a hint of lemon....SORREL!!!!! I can't wait to look up some recipes.

And keeping an eye on the tomatoes, one of the Cherokee Purples has some blush on it.  And it has set a lot of fruit that are sizing up nicely.  I hope there will be some when the family comes to visit in July.

Another view of my re-purposed container, so broccoli, carrots,scallions and the sorrel. I don't know if it is because someone smooshed the bunny with their car or the elevated growing area, but the broccoli has survived much better than my last attempt. My husband is certain I was the car wielding culprit behind the bunny smooshing, but I only saw him post smooshing. I swear!

And because you can never have to many herbs, and I can't pass up a deal at Big Lots, some window sill herbs. Just in case the 10-20 feet are too far to walk to snip some fresh herbs....

I'm not sure if your house is like this, but in the heat of summer we get a fruit fly invasion!  It's terrible.  So we bought Ryle a cool plant that can earn it's keep.  An Octopus plant.  It is a carnivorous plant that attracts insects using some nectar on its arms and then gobbles them using various enzymes.

And a cute "Sensitive Plant", I am hoping this plant teaches the boys to be gentle on the veggies outside!
And my dirty little secret...I still haven't put so in the beautiful raised bed the hubby built for me...Sigh...

Happy gardening all!


  1. Never heard of Sorrel. Will have to look it up. Kids are cute except when they mess up your garden!lol! This is my fourth attempt to put some lettuce seeds, as they love to dig around the dirt where the seeds were planted.

  2. I'm drooling over your tomato! That octopus plant sounds very interesting!