Monday, September 13, 2010

Garden Update

Can I really call it "Harvest Monday" when hardly anything came out of the garden? I've started getting the fall plantings underway, but since most of the time I have to plant seeds is rushed, I have no memory of what went where. So I can't re-sow more seeds until I figure that out. Add to the fact that the pesky critter who is stealing my strawberries and tomatoes is also grubbing on my pea seeds, my fall garden is not going great so far. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we have mild winters here in SoCal and the kiddo is starting pre-school soon (technically he was supposed to start this morning, but he and the mini me came down with colds) so I anticipate more time in the garden soon. Any-who.... Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions, hop on over and see what real gardeners are getting from their gardens.

Kiddo has been noshing on radishes. They are growing really well, so he's a happy camper again. I think he has 3 containers on radishes planted. I might have to clear out some others and plant more to keep up with him. "Mommy, can we go and pick some radishes?" Such an odd and lovable child.
Too cute, he didn't share any of these.

Thai Chilis

Hansel Eggplants - I really wish these tasted better, they are really
prolific and pretty. Maybe I will give them a second chance and cook
them up again. I have been pawning them off on folks.

Hmmm.... more Fairy-Tale Eggplants in my future. YUM!

A pile of beans and a small squash plant.
No beans this week, I'm letting them mature and
saving seeds, I think.

A closer look at the squash plant. Overcome by powdery mildew.

One of my basil plants.

Critter damage. I'm buying a cage Friday.... bye-bye critter....

I didn't get a picture of it, but my Tuscan Kale is starting to look pretty! I have been semi busy in the garden as of late, lots of plants on their last legs have been removed and the soil was amended and replanted. I know that I planted beets, collards, peas, radish rat tales, broccolini, and asian greens.

And I am asking for some raised beds for Christmas.... but I think I might try to talk the hubby into buying them early so I can try to get some fall plants in them. Too pushy?

Want to know the best part about fall? No, it's not the cooler weather (which I LOVE), it's the fact that I am typing this up while watching MNF!

Ok, sick kiddos mean no sleep, so I am going to try to catch some zzz's. Happy Gardening!


  1. That is so cute that the kiddo likes radishes! Awesome!

  2. I always loved when my kids ate from the garden. My daughter though went for the onions. I really thought it was weird that she would eat a huge onion just like it was an apple. Cute but strange.

  3. I'm always surprised when kids go for radishes with that hot peppery bite, it just doesn't seem friendly to kid palates. Fairy Tale is a good eggplant, I tried it a few years ago. I think I stopped growing it because it's an F1 and I've become rather snobbish about growing open pollinated veggies (a veggie snob?). But hey, it is good, so don't pay any attention to me. It sounds like you had a busy and productive time in the garden.

  4. I know enough adults who don't like the biting flavor of radishes, that it amazes me to hear of kids liking them. Get 'em started young to appreciate a wide range of different culinary flavors, I say!

    It looks like all your container vegetables are doing great!

    I replied to your question on my post, but in case you didn't see it, my mom lives in West Torrance. The land of perpetually mild weather!