Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waskly Wabbit....

I have lost count of how many times I have sowed (sowed... sown.... it's one of those words that never looks right) peas.  In the ground and in starting pots. I had one germinate directly sowed and lots of little holes where my little friend dug them up. After those incedents I decided to "get smart" and start the peas in small pots.  WELL...... I wasn't the only one getting smart it appears.  My little friend made the brilliant leap and found the pots and dug those peas up as well! Oh snap! What the heck???? I think we played that game 4 times (the pot game that is). When will I learn?  So the last time I felt reasonably human (Sunday I think), I depotted the seedlings and planted them in the ground, then we covered the starter pots with a plastic container to keep him out.  It has appeared to work, but I guess time will tell.

I think he got mad at the covered pots and took it out on the seedlings.
They were chewed down to the nubs. Argggg......

I didn't get these pots covered up and he dug and dug until I guess he figured out that they were empty of peas. I was too wiped out to re-plant and he didn't get any yummies. All of the ones I did get covered up seemed to fair pretty well though.

He even ate my beet seedling!
The Hubs and I noticed some odd pellet looking things in the yard lately... kind of like rabbit poops.... and later that night we saw a bunny in the yard. Darn it!  Our pesky critter is a bunny rabbit???? Now how can I be all gung ho about eradicating a bunny????? ERG. Now I have to find friendly bunny deterents.


  1. "sowed... sown.... it's one of those words that never looks right" Try planted LOL

    I have the battle of the bunnies when I'm in AZ, but my 3' high plastic fencing seems to work fine to keep them at bay. I did find one trying to tunnel under, but I kept stepping on and collapsing his tunnel and he finally gave up.

  2. I like it! When in doubt, work around it ;) Planted it is.... now I just have to remember that.