Friday, September 17, 2010

Ready or not, here I come....and secrets.

Oh Mr. Gopher, you better watch out because look at what I bought today! Now I just have to figure out how to work it and set it up.
I can't say that I'm not a little excited about the prospect of gopher erradication. I'm elated!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Want to hear my dirty little secret? I'm sure every gardener has at least one..... Do you have something you cannot grow? I do, carrots. Phew, that felt good to get it out. I tried them in the ground and they failed miserably. I thought maybe it was my highly compacted soil, maybe I didn't break up the soil well enough. I recall seeing an article on Gayla Trail's blog, but of course I can't find it now. Well, I tried to grow some in the spring (and maybe, just maybe I planted them too late and the heat got to them....) and they never really took off. They just seemed to peter out as the radishes sprung up and were devoured. When I was goofing off and messing with the container, I accidently pulled one of the "carrots". And darned if I wasn't surprised as heck when at the end of the frilly greenery I saw orange. I grew a carrot! Now I'm not going to say it's pretty or anything, but it's a darned start!

Oh yeah baby, that's 1/2 inch of carrot. My radishes dwarf this puppy!

Have you ever heard of spinach strawberry? I never had, and the nursery had it, and of course I HAD to buy some and see if it was something the family might like. I planted it in a rectangular planter, but after seeing some pictures I might have to replant in the ground.


  1. That's what our carrots look like too. I call them nubs. Ooh, that gopher contraption scares me!

  2. Yeah... you should have seen me trying to figure the darn thing out!

    Keep your fingers crossed.... I have been noticing something that looks suspiciously like carrot fronds in my containers...