Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harvest Tuesday

Better late than never? Seems a shame that I didn't have time to post yesterday especially since I had a harvest last week! I didn't say I had variety, just a harvest. It was the week of the eggplant (and the radish). Daphne's Dandelions is the host of Harvest Monday, it's a great place to see what everyone around the world is harvesting!

Total Harvest:

Gretel Eggplant - 3 3/4 oz
Black Beauty Eggplant - 10 1/2 oz
Japanese Egplant - 3 3/8 oz
and some radishes, and the teeny, tiny carrot

Well...... I officially have 6 varieties of eggplant growing in the garden. And I am the only one who eats eggplant in the house! We had FairyTale, Japanese, Black Beauty and Gretel already in teh garden. Then I added "Pin Stripe" and I started growing from seed (in May) Thai Eggplant. The Thai eggplant really might be the slowest thing ever. I bought the seeds from Renee's Garden, and overall, I have been fairly unhappy with them. From Renee's Garden, I planted mini bell peppers, Thai Chili peppers and the Thai eggplant from seed.... and they have yet to get taller than 2 inches. Arg.

I didn't grow these, but on a recent trip to Henry's I happened to see some NM Hatch Chiles. And after reading High Desert Garden's post on the New Mexico Hatch Chile Festival I had to try some out. I've been meaning to make some Green Chile Stew and it seemed like a good time to try them out. I roasted these on the gas range and peeled/seeded/diced 3 to add to the stew. There was 1 pound total on the plate, and while the peeling etc wasn't caustic or difficult, it was time consuming. I can't even imagine going through a 40 pound bag of roasted chiles!

Here is the one radish I did manage to snag away from the kiddo and get pictured. See.... it is bigger than my carrot!

This was a terrible weekend, I had hoped that the Hubs and I could escape the virus the boys had, but nope. He got sick starting Thursday and I started on Friday. Somehow he is better and I am a wreck. Being up with the baby at night probably isn't helping me get any better. Saturday spent the majority of the day "watching" the baby in a prone position in the floor. Really hoping that he didn't need too much activity. Hubs changed every diaper and even fed the boys. I finally managed to feel slightly normal Sunday only to get worse Monday night and today.
Oh well, here's hoping tomorrow is better! Happy gardening all.


  1. I was going to comment on how having three varieties of eggplants was impressive, until I read you saying that you have six. You must really like your eggplants! I'm hoping to grow some myself next year. The chilies look delicious and that radish is definitely bigger than your (or my) carrot.

    Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well with the virus. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yeah.... 6 different varieties of eggplant may be a bit excessive, even by my standards... I just can't stand to rip out a healthy plant, even if I don't care for the veg they produce. I have to be strong and just do it, b/c I need the space!!!