Thursday, September 16, 2010

The small things in life

Apparently 5:30 is when we wake up in our house now-a-days. So not cool. And it's not a pleasant 5:30 wake up. Little one has been grumpy and fussy.... and it hasn't stopped yet.
The kiddo had an interesting evening. I was called just as my yoga class started, apparently he was having some equilibrium problems. Couldn't walk without falling and would collapse when he just tried to stand up. So my girlfriend and I rushed out of class and home. He was lethargic, sweating, and unable to stand up. Definitely not my rambunctious kiddo. My girlfriend is a trauma RN, so we of course pumped her for info and had her look at him while we waited for a call back from the nurse-on-call for our pediatrician. Since we had no idea what was wrong with him, we hustled him into the car and looked for our nearest urgent care. When we couldn't find it (even though there was a street sign for it) we just took him to the ER.
3 hours later (quite quick by ER standards), we went home with a kid who was normal. He vomitted during intake and slowly made it back to normal. Odd for sure. We are booking an appointment with his regular Peds doc just to make sure everything is really A-Okay. Thank goodness my girlfriend went to class with me, she stayed at our house and watched the little guy while we waited in the ER. I wonder what the heck it was! Hopefully we will know more after our doc appointment this morning. I was so glad to hear him ask endless questions last night and chatter and ask for nearly every card in my wallet.... Thankful for the small annoying things that make up my daily life. The Hubby said he has never been so worried in all his life. I agree. We were thinking brain trauma! What???? Why do we always assume the worst?
On to a lighter topic today..... it's gray and foggy again.
Still no pancakes. But, do have a container of preserves from my favorite brunch place tucked away in the fridge for a day when I need a pick me up. (warning! This site will make you drool) I love running on Coronado Island just so we can go here for breakfast/brunch (depending on how long the run was). A nice crusty french baguette, some scrumptious butter, my fave preserves, and a cup of coffee.... now if I only had some quiet time to enjoy it.

This morning the name of the game is "is that clear liquid on my shoulder drool or snot?" Not a very fun game, but so far I think it has been primarily drool.... I repeat, I think. Between teething, a head cold and the inability to blow his nose, the little guy has been fairly miserable. Off to wrestle the kids out of PJ's and get ready to see the doc. Keep your fingers crossed she gives me "crazy mom" look and says kiddo is 100% A-Okay.


  1. Sorry about your little one being so sick. Could he have ingested one of those mushrooms yesterday, or put his hands in his mouth after having handled them? They might be quite poisonous!

  2. Hi AG,

    Mushroom stomping was either Monday or Tuesday and we washed thoroughly right after. I don't think he was outside to touch any of the remnants before getting sick.

    Doc said "virus related vertigo". He should be good to go now and I like the fact that she actually gave us something as opposed to the ER doc last night who just said "well, he seems ok now, I could run tests, but based on your description I think he was jostled during the horse play and that caused his symptoms...." So if he gets dizzy again we can let him lay down. Phew!

    Thanks AG!

  3. Sorry to hear that the little one was ill. Hope it's nothing serious.

    Those preserves do look amazing.