Saturday, June 25, 2011

Any day now.....

I have been suffering from serious squash/zucchini envy lately.  But any day now I should have my first taste of home grown squash for the year!  (At least I think it is a straight yellow squash, darn kids and their thievery of plant markers......).  I just love the way the squash plants look.  I am contemplating putting some in the front yard next year in our "ornamental" bed and see if the hubby notices it.  They are so pretty!  I love the way the leave stand up so tall and how HUGE the leaves are. Just lovely to look at.

We have had a couple of male flowers open yesterday and today, and I've been busy with one thing or another and didn't pick them.  And frankly, it's too hot to fry squash blossoms and too many calories to consume them right now. I'm saving my calories for pasta, it's marathon training/weight loss time!

There are also two female flowers who should open up any day now.  Let's hope the male flowers keep up their end of the bargain or the plant next to this one starts opening up!  This is the more mature of the two female blossoms.  I think she will open up Sunday. I may wander out with a brush in case the bees slack off in their work.

And in case you were wondering about those radish pods.....We get most of them from a single flowering radish.  This is the one I just let go to see how big it could get.  This is a 12 inch pot. It's HUGE.

And here are all of the flowers left.  It's very hard to keep the boys away from that part of the yard because of the bees. I think they like to give me a heart attack, because I have to say multiple times a day "No, stay away from that side of the garden, there are lots and lots of bees."  Then the repeated reasons that bees would sting.... And the almost 4 year old explaining to the 19 month old not to go there because the bee will sting you on the butt "just like at the pool."  He sat on a bee and it stung him last week.  Poor kid.

Happy gardening and hope your weekend is fantastic!

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  1. Poor kid! I do love the way kids interpret and use their own version to explain things! My squash has buds too, so not too long for the squash overload. Yours look good. What do you do with radish pods?