Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Radishes - something new!

Do you ever wonder what to do when this:

Becomes this:

Well, we waited for the bees to do their work (they are still at work) and then we harvested these!

 This is our third harvest of the day... yes, the day. Apparently the kid who was burnt out on radishes in May, changed his mind and now wants radishes.  Well, we are planting some for a summer harvest, but in the meantime he is quite happy munching on radish seed pods. I am hoping to get some for planting, but I will be happy if he eats them all as well.  They are yummy with a light radish taste.  Not hot at all, if I ever get a chance to have some for myself, I think they would be good tossed in a salad.  These are from a French Breakfast radish. (The crazy radish is about a foot long!!!  I decided to just let it go and see what would happen, and we have a HUGE flowering "bush" that is producing a ton of seed pods.)  I fed these to him to make sure he stayed awake on the way to my Tuesday group run, his words "Mommy, thank you for my radishes, I love them. They are my favoritest thing ever." Take that with a grain of salt though, everything is his favoritest thing ever.

But he is eating his veggies, and his little brother even likes them. So it's a win win!  Happy gardening all!


  1. Now that is why I like garden blogs! A hidden gem of a discovery (to me anyway) I never knew you could eat radish seed heads, I won't be pulling up my early radish which have bolted now - so they have a new lease of life now thanks to you.

  2. He he he! I love discovering new things. Good luck with your bolted radishes. When I think about all the bolted radishes I composted last year, man, what a waste. You'll have to post if you liked them or not.

  3. Radish pods are great! White radish pods are used in curries at our home. They're delicious - lots of work trimming each one, but delicious:)

  4. Hmmm~~~edible radish pod is new to me, I might let my radishes bolt someday and taste try it.

  5. Wow, I learn something new every day. I had no idea that you could eat radish pods! So cool! And wow, that flowering bush from 1 radish? Totally amazing!

    BTW, we don't do anything to prevent critters like bunnies from eating the grapes. We train the vines to grow on wire that is suspended 3 feet above the ground. So the grapes are too away for bunnies. I'm sure we'll have a problem with squirrels when they get ripe though.

  6. BTW, here is a photo of the vines.

  7. RG - I am going to need that recipe.....

    mac - it's certainly a fun little experiment if you have the time.

    Meems - That big bush is one crazy mutant radish. It's almost a foot long and has sooooo many flowers. Most of the other radishes only have one or two stalks of flowers.