Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A rather productive weekend.

How is it that here is never enough time to get tasks done, no matter how hard you try?  We managed to get a lot done in the yard/garden this weekend.  The hubby installed some drip lines and soaker hoses for me, yay!  And I pruned all the rose bushes of the dead-heads and managed to rip out all the brown leaves from the lemon grass.  They were looking rather shaggy.  These were tasks we had planned on getting done over the long weekend, but now they are done and we have probably more things we will think up for next weekend.

Lemon grass after a severe thinning.
My mom used lemon grass very liberally in most of our meals growing up, and I have always kept some handy in the freezer. But it was very nice to be able to plant some last year when we bought the house.  I really should have planned better about what to plant in the garden for my Mom's visit, the beans aren't producing yet (they are barely taller than my hand....), the bok choy is still tiny, no eggplant, the cilantro bolted.... the Thai chilis aren't hot... Man, what a wreck! At least we have plenty of onions and squash by next week.

Well, she can make due! Happy gardening all =)

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