Thursday, June 30, 2011

What the what???

We have a tomato thief in the vicinity. In the last 3 days we have been stripped of all but one of my Striped Germans and at least 4 Cherokee Purples.  And one of those Cherokee purples was a big boy.  It is not the normal culprits in my garden. These are the ones I am normally on the look out for:

Ryle tasting the bok choy in last year's garden
And Gray acting innocent
However these thieves restrict themselves to the sorrel, radishes, and strawberries. After all, you plant extra for your invading varmits, right? Gray has been known to attempt thievery of tomatoes, but usually requires help because of height issues, so I don't think he is the varmit I am after today.  I think I may have to wrap the plants in mesh to protect them. We were unceremoniously stripped of lots of tomatoes also.... I guess it as just a matter of time. Off to the store to get more protective gear...

Grrrrrr..... If it's not one thing it's another!  Well, let's hope this leads to Happy Gardening!


  1. Ok, fess up Nartaya. Did you ask that adorable boy of yours to pose like that in front of the bok choy? That is just too cute.

    Sorry to hear about your mystery thief. We backyard gardeners spend so much effort and time into growing our small gardens, and every little act of thievery just really hurts! Do you have squirrels around there?

  2. Well, I did ask him to repeat what he was doing while I ran inside for the camera. But I came across him nibbling the bok choy, I swear!!!!

    I haven't seen any squirrels around the neighborhood. Bunnies, birds (crows), and invertebrates. My guess was squirrels as well, since they are so high up and needed to be handled. I'm perplexed.

  3. What veggie loving kids you have :)

  4. Thanks, they are however the weird kids who are begging to "eat, eat, eat" when I go to the garden store and pass sorrel.... awkward..... "aw Mom, just a bite....."