Sunday, June 12, 2011

Harvest Monday June 13, 2011

Harvest Monday is a great opportunity to see what gardeners around the world are producing in their large or small gardens. It is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions. Hop over to see what is going on!

Lots and lots of random things going on in the garden this week. But the most yummy part were the tomatoes!  We had some ripe mystery tomatoes and Cherokee Purples. I think that the mystery ones may be Striped German.  Some of my windowsill Cherokee Purples riped up as well and we noshed on those too.

Mystery (Striped German?) - 3 1/2 oz
Cherokee Purple - 1 oz
Windowsill Riped CP - 14 1/2 oz

3 1/2 oz of mystery tomatoes

1 oz Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
 The Striped German were sooooo delicious. Yummy, sweet and firm. Not mealy at all. We had these simply sliced and unadorned.  As well as having fabulous taste and texture, they were beautiful inside.

Striped German

The color contrast between the German Stripe and the Cherokee Purples was stunning. We did notice that the windowsill riped tomatoes were slightly mealy and mushy compared to the vine riped ones. The flavor was the same, maybe they will make good sauce?

There are many more tomatoes ripening up and some more flowers. So I hope that there will be lots of fresh tomatoes to share with the family when they come visiting in July! Our recent warm weather will help with that as well.

Lots more to share with you all on the misc gardening front, but I will save that for another day. Happy Gardening all!


  1. Your tomatos look gorgeous! That Striped German is a nice color!

  2. Your striped german reminds me of Persimon! Yum!

  3. Oh wow, I am so jealous that you have tomatoes already! That is wonderful! I'm also growing Cherokee Purple. I can't wait to taste it. It's my first time. BTW, radish greens can be cooked just like any time of greens. I like to sautee it with olive oil, salt and pepper. It can also be put on pizza as a topping, or I know one of my friends makes pesto with it. It has a bit of a peppery taste like arugula but not as peppery as the radish itself. It's very good, I highly recommend trying it!

  4. Oooh, you have tomatoes already! Jealousy sfrikes...

  5. Beautiful tomatoes, Nartaya! I fear that it will be forever before I get to enjoy my first tomato from the garden, but in the meantime, I'm so glad to enjoy them vicariously through others like yourself. The color contrast between those different varieties is really pretty!

  6. Yep, you will find most of us jealous of your tomatoes already! They are beautiful!

  7. That striped German looks so pretty. I've got a month before my first tomatoes. I'm very impatiently waiting.