Thursday, June 2, 2011

When you try to do good for the plants....

And things go awry. I really, really tried to do good!  The Cherokee Purple plant was just getting to be so top heavy and the small little cage wasn't doing cutting it because it was all flopped over.  So I made the trek out to a real garden center, not just a big box store and bought a 5 foot cage. And the hubby agreed to help me prop the floppy mess over so we wouldn't do much harm.

Well, she's taller now. But there were orphans made.

She's now 5 feet tall
Unfortunately these guys were broken off

So close!

A big one too

Not too shabby here either

All my little orphans
So now these poor tomatoes will finish up their ripening on my window sill and I hope they taste as good. And I hope the poor plant recovers! 

I hope tomorrow's gardening goes better too. Happy gardening all!

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  1. Oh, no! I was so sad to see these tomato stems on the ground! You were so close to getting ripe CPs too! I really really hope the plant recovers and produces more for you!