Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Be careful what you ask for...

The hunt for straw was successful. After vacuuming out the back of our mini van.... it still isn't back to normal...

Strawberry/Rosemary bed is mulched. With a few cute little red berries resting on top of the straw.

A whole mini wheel barrel full still.

2 39 gallon bags full and still 1/2 of the straw left. I don't think I will need straw for a while. I see straw walk-ways next to the new bed.
Happy gardening all!


  1. My goodness, how many bales did you buy?? One goes a long way!

  2. Robin, I only bought 1! I'm sure the guy would have looked at me like I was a crazy person if I had asked for a 1/2 a bale... I think straw is a harder item to pawn off on people than produce. Anyone want any straw?

  3. Thanks for the offer:) I've enough for next year too! Your strawberry doesn't have runners? It's all evenly spaced out.

  4. RG - no new runners this year yet, we started with 4 plants (I think) last summer and the rest that are there are runners. That "bed" started out as a hodge podge of plants, and we decided to mainly dedicate it to the kids and let them have a strawberry bed.