Wednesday, June 8, 2011



I'm having trouble finding hay. Can you believe it? I think I need to go visit a feed store. Now where to find one?

Where do you all buy your hay that you use as mulch?  My strawberries are in desperate need right about now.

That's the goal today. Find hay. Buy hay. Don't spend too much money.


  1. I buy straw, not hay, and get it at a feed store for under $6 a bale. I do have some orchard grass hay that I got for my rabbit long ago, and there's still much more than he could eat in a lifetime. I started using that as mulch this year, and it sure makes the garden smell sweet where I've spread it.

  2. Hay tends to be seedier than straw. So if you can get it use straw.

  3. Straw acquired! I do not think the mini van will ever recover though.... Lots of vacuuming done and now the wait for the hubs to get home to help me wheel it to the back yard. Hopefully some happy and un-bug eaten strawberries soon!!!

  4. Good for you! Where did you find the straw? Please post your strawberry patch pics. I've got mine covered with fence and tulle, but plants are all so closely packed(runners do that), I've no need to mulch them.