Friday, June 17, 2011

Stroll in the yard... erm.... Garden....

One of the first things Gray and I do every morning is to check out the yard/garden. He can usually wait until after breakfast, but some mornings he just wants to be outside.  This morning he decided it was time to pick tomatoes. He alerts me that it's picking time by shouting "ea' ea'" before heading towards whatever has caught his eye at that moment.  It is usually the strawberries or the sorrel. This morning it became apparent he was hungry for tomatoes. Cherokee Purples in fact.

So I went and started groping tomatoes. After giving a lot of them the touch test (and only smooshing 1 too much), we picked 2 pounds 7 3/4 oz of Cherokee Purples and 13 oz of the German Stripes!

We purchased a couple of cucumber seedlings from a local nursery because ours were getting nibbled by the bunny.  They are recovering ok now, so now we are growing 4 kinds of cucumbers... I am excited by this!

Purchased seedling of "Bush Champion"

Look at that cute gerkin!

And we started some Super Sweet 100 seeds this spring, planted the best, gave away one and had one as a back-up. Well, it is 2-3 inches tall and obviously thinks it is a lot bigger than it is, because it started flowering. So we gave her a bigger home and decided we would see how she does.

The yellow pear tomato plants doubled in height in 2 weeks, so they are now 6-7 inches tall. And no flowers. So maybe we get some this year and maybe not.

Our bean bed is finally starting to break ground.  We planted edamame, yellow wax, Roma, and asparagus.
The seeds for the edamame, yellow wax and Roma were planted directly into the bed, and the asparagus were started earlier.
Edamame bean breaking ground. Look how lush the bean pod looks.

The asparagus beans aren't much farther along than the yellow wax or Roma's.
 For fun Ryle was allowed to plant some pumpkins, mammoth sun flowers and watermelon.
Ryle's pumpkin

And yet another bean in the garden.... The volunteer Scarlett Runner already flowering.

That's all the fun stuff going on. The rest is every day stuff. Happy gardening all!


  1. Oh wow! How awesome that you already have such beautiful looking tomatoes! I'm growing Cherokee Purple this year for the first time. I can't wait until they have fruit!!

  2. Tomatoes! sigh! I need to wait for few weeks to get those here! Asparagus beans are all germinated for us, can't wait until we can pick some!