Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Napoleon complex

I think my little tomato plant has a Napoleon complex. It obviously thinks it is much larger than it actually is!  It is 3 inches tall and has set 2 itty bitty tomatoes.

Cute. I hope they make it.

Happy gardening!


  1. I'm cheering on your lil tomato plant! Although, I do wonder if your plant would grow bigger to support more future tomatoes if you pinched those blooms before they set fruits. :)

  2. Hello, hope you don't mind a suggestion or two. Just wondering if you just have one dwarf plant form the same seed packet and all the others are normal size (if so, maybe worth saving the dwarf seeds you may be onto something! On the other hand if all your plants are a bit small maybe their feed isn't right. Tomato feed is heavy on the Potassium, and usually devoid of Nitrogen. That is fine when they are well established and fruiting. I give mine a balanced feed, including Nitrogen when they are younger to help the plant thrive, then once there are plenty of tomatoes set, I switch to a tomato specific feed.

  3. RG - =)

    Thyme - I'm sure it would have, it was a spare that I started "just in case". It will be fun to see what happens.

    Heskie - It's brother (or sister?) is about 3 feet tall and growing like mad. I think it's just a runt for now. It started flowering in it's starter pot, so I planted it in a larger pot amended with compost and tomato feed. Should be good to go, but it gets fish emulsion every 3 weeks or so. But thanks!