Monday, June 27, 2011

Harvest Monday 6/27/11

Harvest Monday is a great chance to see what everyone around the globe is harvesting.   It is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions. Pop on over if you have a chance and see what is growing!

This week we had an assortment of things come from our garden. We started with something to put back in, seeds! Some of my scallions planted early had flowered and were so pretty we just left them. And now look, we have seeds for planting!

Scallion seeds

Also from the garden we harvested German Stripe tomatoes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Sorrel, lemon grass and our first cucumber!

German Stripe: 10 3/4 oz
Cherokee Purple: 1 pound, 5 oz
Sorrel: 10 1/8 oz
Cucumber: 1 3/4 oz
Favas: 3 - unweighed

Sorrel and a carrot

The leaves are huge

Lemon grass

Lemon grass sliced - I like the rings

Thai chilis, tomatoes, and first cucumber!

Stripe German and Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Fava beans
We had the favas grilled with dinner last night, in addition to a super delicious salad of slice heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella and basil (from the garden). The sorrel we attempted to saute with some bok choy and serve with fish, I thought the tart lemony flavor would pair well with the fish. It was a disaster. The sorrel did not cook up well, turned brownish and the flavor was too strong. Oh well, now we know. The lemon grass was minced and mixed into a Thai chicken salad - delicious!

I was so excited to see that first cucumber. I love fresh cukes and the first was long awaited.  But I'm not sure how many this plant will produce, I had been battling some powdery mildew, I thought I had gotten rid of it... but then I looked on the underside of the leaves. Blast! Covered. So off they went. The poor plant looked nude afterwards. So if this plant goes to it's maker, I have 3 other kinds of cukes in the garden to wait for.

Happy Gardning all.


  1. I have tomato envy. I would do just about anything for a CP tomato right now! I have never planted Stripe German tomato. How would you describe the flavor?

  2. Man, my mouth is watering looking at your tomato harvest. LOL! Serious drool! I love that you have lemon grass in your garden too! Great variety!!

  3. Tomatoes already! I am very envious. My plants are not even 2 feet tall yet so I have a long time to wait for something like that. What type of carrot is that?

  4. Tomato envy ~~
    I have lots of flowers on the Cherokee Purple plant but they keep dropping off, only 1 tomato so far. Same thing happened last year, I'm thinking CP is not a productive variety at all........hmmmm.

  5. I'm drooling all over your Cherokee Purples. Mine are so tiny right now. Every morning I'm wishing them to grow up, but so far no luck.

  6. Robin - Hmm... The texture is smooth and creamy and there is very little acidity (at least I think so.) and sweet, but not as sweet at a cherokee purple.

    Holly - Thanks =)

    Allison - I tend to forget about it, but it is nice to have fresh lemon grass on hand whenever I want it. My Mom should make ample use of it when she visits next week.

    PC - It is a Round Romeo, I think. Just a short fat carrot (we have really compact soil) that doesn't need deep sandy soil.

    Mac - Last year I hardly got any tomatoes, this year seems to be a bumper year for some reason. Last summer we had a oddly cool summer and this year seems warmer. Maybe that's why we are having a better tomato year. Maybe the fires/ash in the air are affecting the plants? Lots more flowers, I hope they set fruit before it gets too hot here.

    Daphne - Yeah, plants don't seem to respond to the daily staring they seem to get from me either. Hopefully soon you will have so many you will hardly have time to deal with them!